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iPhone Friday

Just finished a 235 mile tow which only took 48hours, just put 8 Anchors on the seabed in 12hours and now I’m chilling, I’ve been on nights so feel very tired, to combat this I had two deserts, I think my body was craving a sugar rush, trouble is now I can’t sleep.
Anyway here are a couple of shots of the move taken with my iPhone,

This is the tow vessel, it’s the Olympic Zeus, I’ve posted it before, it has something like 25,000 HP and a bollard pull of 250 tons so has no problem pulling us along at five knots.

And a very nice day in the North Sea.

This is the Rig, you can see by the wake we are making we are cruising along very nicely.


Have a great weekend, I’ll still be on here, chilling.

16 comments on “iPhone Friday

  1. Fantastic shots Mark.


  2. Glorious! People tend to assume the North Sea’s a pretty miserable place to be but your photos show otherwise. It can be utterly delightful, and with two puddings it sounds fairly close to paradise. Have a good weekend!


  3. Thanks for sharing the photos. brilliant views and hardware! Thats impressive speed. Is the full ballast for stability, even though it might decrease the speed? Which operations the ballast is emptied? Appreciate some feedback. Many thanks and have a good time.


    • Hi Sid, glad you liked them, the rig is de-ballast for the tow so it’s very high in the water, almost on its pontoons, which actually makes it unstable but increases the speed, if it was at drilling draft we could only get around 1-2 knots. We de-ballast before we start pulling the anchors so we can see to rack the anchors, it takes about 10 hours and about 8 hours to ballast down again. Have a look at my post ‘rig move for dummies’


  4. Truly a calm day in the North Sea. One of the very few that you have experienced, I’ll guess.


  5. Nice photos! How did u get your blog name on them?


  6. These are great shots Mark! I’m impressed with your Iphone skills. I just got my first “Android” phone and I am all fingers and thumbs shooting it!


  7. nice view and colors 🙂


  8. hell the North Sea isn’t like that to often – always an insight to world exclusive to only afew


  9. Hi rigmover,

    I found your website as I was searching for rig pictures to explain to my wife how I earn my money. Funny enough I was the marine rep on the Far Sapphire for this specific rig move. Nice job and brilliant weather.




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