iPhone Saturday

I’ve been a bit slack with posting lately, I would like to say I’ve been busy doing this and that, but honestly I haven’t, I have just been offshore and before that selling and buying a new (old) car. Check out my car on Instagram @rigmover.
I decided my blog is a travel blog so I’ll post when I’m traveling, or have been travelling, not just post for the sake of posting.
After getting back from offshore I decided not to go straight home but to visit family in Scotland and stay the weekend, I’ve always liked Scotland and never need much of an excuse to stay awhile.
Here’s my brother house, great to see after a long cold walk with the dog.


And some of the out buildings on the farm next door.




In need of some repair I think.
Have a great weekend, now where’s that Whiskey.

23 comments on “iPhone Saturday

  1. Looks like a great place to explore, great series


  2. That’s a lovely house, it reminds me of a little village called Parnell. Which bit of the country does he live in? I hope you enjoyed your whisky. Slainte!


  3. Great shots!! Those out buildings look fantastic! Would love to spend some time photographing them myself!!


  4. mark feldbauer

    Hey Mark! Scotland is on my bucket list! N Joy your stay. The rye is over the stove in the cabinet!


  5. I like your brother’s house and those buildings are terrific.


  6. I love your brother’s house and the outbuildings! It’s right out of a PBS Masterpiece theatre set!


  7. I love the house. Right out of a book: maybe a travel or history book. The other photos as well. You keep my share of the whiskey when you find it (maybe in one of those old barns or buildings) and just send me more photos. Thanks for sharing.


  8. best place to be, Scotland, especially the northeast (i’m biassed, i know). some charming buildings on that farm, make very good subjects for art and photography.


  9. Cool images Mark. I have only visited Scotland once via a cruise. I need to revisit and use a car this time to get a better sense of the culture and land.


  10. nice textures 🙂


  11. Gorgeous house! Beautifully captured 🙂


  12. hahahhahaha: whas the whiskey tasty? Your brother has a great villa!


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