St. Magnus Cathedral, again.








During the seventeenth century the population of Kirkwall was below 1500 and it was possible for rich families to be buried in the nave of the Cathedral. The nave aisles are lined with grave stones from this period.

This is the grave stone of Captain Peter Winchester. The English inscription states that he, his wife, and their 3 children are buried there.

The grave stone is framed by the common masonic motif of ionic columns. The columns are spiralled with vines and grapes feature on the frieze. The steep pediment is dated 1675 and is flanked by birds and topped with a thistle. ( you will have to take my word for that as I chopped it off in the photo).


Couldn’t get over the Masonry, the work that must have gone into this.




Rooms leading off to room, and more great Masonry.


17 comments on “St. Magnus Cathedral, again.

  1. Thank’s for sharing photos of this fantastic building that I belive not many people will be able to get to see!


  2. Great place Mark. I love how you’ve focused in on the details in these shots.


  3. Rich McPeek

    Great shots Mark! Love the detail. Composition on the 2nd one is my fav!


  4. Those bricks are amazing.


  5. You already whetted my appetite for this place with lovely photos in a previous post but now I feel positively desperate to visit! I would like to have a gravestone like that top one, it’s incredibly well preserved with having been indoors I suppose. The artistry of these stonemasons is awe inspiring.


  6. I just love the texture of the stones. Well done.


  7. Awesome work my firend


  8. Incredible detail here, Mark. Like you, I often marvel at the work that goes into creating a structure that will stand the test of time.


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