More Lerwick HDR

Yes I know, but I promise it will be the last, First up is an old church that is now the Shetland Library, tried it in B&W first, I love the way you can see all the books through the windows.

Old church new Library



Then in colour with a bit of vignette going on.


Old church



Last was one from the harbour that caught my eye.




Have a great weekend everybody, we have a busy one lined up, we are out socialising tonight and tomorrow night, just hope we can remember how to do it.

30 comments on “More Lerwick HDR

  1. Please don’t say this is the last of your Lerwick HDR, I love them! I’m not usually a huge fan of black and white photographs but I think the library is perfect in b&w. Mind you, it’s also magnificent in colour. I like the ring, too. Enjoy your socialising!


    • Thank you Lorna, it’s the last of Lerwick because that’s about all the shots I took, it was to cold to stay out any longer, and yeah will enjoy tonight.


  2. At my grandpa’s cabin on the lake… We have a ring (huge) in a rock that was used for logging years ago… Brings back to mind all those old logging songs now…. 🙂 ill have to sing them to my kiddos…


  3. Great job on these mark. I’m having a hard time deciding between the B&W and color versions. Both are terrific.


  4. I love both photos. Philosophically (religiously?), how many questions can we raise about a House of God becoming a House of Books? Or, perhaps there has been no change: Mind of God and Mind of Man in the same container?


  5. Nancy pryor

    I love the back and white or shades of grey images. I grew up in the days of non color photos. (I’m telling my age). They have a beauty all their own and put out a totally different feeling to the viewer. Black and white photos with their shades of gray pull me into the image as if I’m with the photographer when he/she is capturing the view. I appreciate the colored photos just as much. Thanks for sharing your world.


  6. Waw! Beautifil pics!! In The Netherlands, a lovely church is transformed in a similwar way but into a book shop, not a library!
    Great shots & have a nice weekend! 🙂


  7. I prefer the colour I think…and that last shot is stunning!


  8. Some fantastic pictures – I am usually hard to convince black and white is best but in this case I truly can’t decide which I like better, they are both so full of atmosphere and character!


  9. I love that B&W version of the church (now library). Killer shot for sure. Nice work on all of them.


  10. Those first two shots are spectacular Mark. The tones in the B&W are killer, my friend.


  11. nice light and glow 🙂


  12. Algunas Veces El B&N Supera Al Natural, bonita Fotografía En B&N…


  13. Rich McPeek

    Great shots Mark! Really dig the B&W one!


  14. Very nice pictures! The B&W is moody but the color is much more beautiful (not a fan of strong vignettes though). Nice job on them.


  15. These are stunning! I travel a lot but never take photos – you’ve definitely inspired me to do more!


  16. Unique and very mysterious looking.


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