HDR Friday

Yes I know it’s supposed to be iPhone Friday but i’m getting into this HDR stuff.

Stretch commented yesterday on the work that goes into making these boats so thought I better show this one, probably made for the museum behind me (in the photo not now). gives you an idea of the skill these people must have and the amount of work that goes into building such a craft.





This one is a closer look at the stone hut on the pier, again because of the rain and wind I didn’t hang around to read any signs so not sure exactly what its for, at a guess I would say a place to work on nets or small machinery as the doors are not big enough to fit a boat in. Nice looking building though.





18 comments on “HDR Friday

  1. Great pics. Keep up the good work!!


  2. Keep it up. You are doing great on your first crack at HDR.


  3. Lovely! Your HDR looks very successful to me. Those wooden boats are wonderful, I almost bought a wee one to keep on a loch. They do require a lot more upkeep and maintenance than a fibreglass boat, but they’re so beautifully made, as your photo demonstrates.


  4. The building is gorgeous and well preserved by the looks of it – HDR in the extreme turns me off but used effectively to add depth etc it can be a real jaw dropper – trying new things is essential.


  5. Not dissimilar lines to a Viking longboat. Probably in the genes, I suspect.


  6. Rich McPeek

    Really cool pov on that first shot! I dig em both! Great work


  7. Mark, these are really great! I love what you did with the building.


  8. nice perspective in the first picture and the second one is dramatic 🙂


  9. Drama in both images, Mark. Nice work


  10. Amazing shots both!


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