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iPhone Friday

For those of you who saw the photo of Archie with the sign around his neck saying he had eaten the floor, here he is again sitting on the new floor (which took me a week to lay) and this time I’m going to embarrass him big time, so here is is saying sorry with Xmas socks on.


So that’s him sorted, here is some more iPhone sort of my journey to work this time.
Started on the tube.


Next stop Heathrow terminal five, sitting in Wagamama’s have dinner and this part of the roof structure reminded me of something out of a Transformers movie.


Then finally after my stop over in the Shetlands made it to the rig, this is our standby boat, every rig and platform in the North Sea has a standby vessel, these were introduced after the Piper Alpha disaster in July 2008 in which 167 people were killed.


Have a great weekend.

27 comments on “iPhone Friday

  1. Terrific shots Mark. I love the one of Archie.


  2. Our Adventure in Croatia

    Archie is great…. he could be the perfect model for Socks Shop advert!! keep safe!


  3. Good spot with the hinge at T5. Those socks!


  4. Rich McPeek

    Cool shots Mark!


  5. That picture of Archie has made my day! He’s a born star, very photogenic. Your other pictures are great too, but Archie steals the show. Nice floor, by the way.


  6. Graham Harper

    It may not be too apparent but if you look carefully there is a definite look of defiance on Archie’s face.


  7. I remember the other picture of Archie with the sign!! But this one is too cool! How could anyone possibly stay mad at a face like that?! What a cutie!! And yes I love following all the pictures you put up, they are all wonderful, and the stories with them are very interesting. You must see a lot of places!!! Have a great day.


    • Thank you Correna, I do get to see a lot of airport,heliport and docks, and a lot of water in between, sometime they let me out though.
      Have a great day too.


  8. I have a question for you – How long did Archie take before he had those socks off his feet? If it was our Bertie (assuming you managed to get them on his feet), they would have been off before you could count to Two!. Great photo. T5 is generally a good experience. Nice images, Mark


    • The sock only came off as he walked next door for Xmas breakfast, he lets me(but only me) do anything to him, he wore a Xmas hat for most of the day. Thanks Andy.


  9. Love the photo of Archie! I would say your even at this point. The roof of Heathrow does look like something out of the transformers! Great set of pics!


  10. i loved the dog picture 🙂 what a model 🙂


  11. Nice job on the floor.—- nice socks. 😉


  12. Ah, I would love to give Archie a hug or two. He can’t even defend himself. Hey are kids, their whole life and make life beautiful. And funny– sometimes.


  13. That dog with those colourful socks on: hahahahahha! The other pics are cool!


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