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Happy new to you all.
After 7 weeks at home I thought it was time to get back to work, the office phoned, told me about a job North East of the Shetland Islands, sounds good to me!
So I left home on Sunday, major work going on on the tube, big delays, finally made it to Heathrow, now more delays, flight an hour and a half late. Arrived Aberdeen just after midnight. After a quick meeting in the morning it was off to the airport again, and guess what, yeah more delays, this time five hours.
Arrived in the Shetlands at around 1600, chilled for a couple of hours until we were told there would be no helicopter today. 1800 we were put on a coach and taken to a hotel 45 minutes away, checked in, had dinner and went to bed, up at 0530, back to the airport early, now more waiting.
1300 we were told all helicopters cancelled, another 45 minute drive to a hotel.
At least this time it was still light, well almost, I had to get out, hat and coat on I braved the Islands winter weather, with light fading fast I made my way to the harbour, not a lot to see and even less to photograph, I managed to click off a few, but nothing to write home about, cold wet and now hungry I made my way back to the hotel, and this was all I had to show for it.


This looked like a nice street to do a bit of shopping, but all I could manage was window shopping as everything was closed.

12 comments on “Lerwick

  1. jeff & cindy

    You may have already answered this, but when do you go on the clock? Paid transit time? Thanks, Jeff


  2. Sounds like a lot of “hurry up and wait”. Hope you get a helicopter soon.


  3. Well, none of us are promised a great day everyday. I like this photo in that there is beauty in an “uninteresting or tiring day” in the fact that you shared it with us viewers and I still saw something through your eyes that I would have not otherwise seen. It makes us appreciate the great days more and realize that we all have ” less great days”. Thanks for sharing.
    Homegrown Texan


  4. I think you captured the mood of how your were feeling beautifully. The colors are bright and the blurry effect matches how you must of felt after such a long, long day! I just love hearing about your work. It is so interesting.


  5. How very frustrating, but I must say I love your picture. That is a great street to wander along. If you get the chance, you might like to pop into the tourist information shop where they have some wonderful postcards. Apparently a French photographer was over in Shetland taking pictures and offered them to the Shetland Tourist Office who bought them and made them into lovely postcards, bookmarks, etc.


    • Thanks Lorna, we managed to get on a chopper the following morning so I’ll have to check out the postcards next time. Bit choppy out here.


  6. Excellent image Mark. Great focus and light. Sorry about you travel woes


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