Favourites of 2012

A couple of my favourites from 2012, both from Greenland.

I was working in Greenland for a month, we were suppose to be installing a sonar array on the sea bed but instead spend the entire time move icebergs away from a rig.

Ice watching.

Watching the ice

Thanks for visiting and have a happy New Year.

9 comments on “Favourites of 2012

  1. Wow. Those are great. Well done.


  2. Stunning. The pic with the people shows the relative scale – and consequently the size of nautre with that iceberg. HNY!


  3. Very impressive, Happy New Year Mark!


  4. Happy New Year Mark! Fantastic shots!


  5. Ice sculptures to delight the eye. I suspect I would never have thought of including people in the foreground in that second shot but it really works. You can sense their wonderment at being so close to this berg. Happy New Year, Mark


  6. super cool 🙂


  7. I can see why they’re your favorites. Amazing images Mark. Happy New Year.


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