New Zealand

Coffee and Croissants

While my wife was in NZ she spent a bit of time at her Uncle and Aunts, they live in a suburb of Auckland call Remuera, it’s on the east side of town overlooking Waitemata Harbour and Mission Bay, it’s a beautiful part of town, but saying that most of Auckland’s costal area is pretty nice.

This is the view to have coffee and croissants to, on the right in the distance is the perfectly formed volcanic island of Rangitoto.

Auckland View


Of course a lot of houses have nice views, but if you compare it to the view out our window back in London, you can see why I like this one so much.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 09.42.30

16 comments on “Coffee and Croissants

  1. Hey Mark

    I think it beats Sheffield, even with the Peak District on the doorstep! Merry Christmas to you and yours, hopefully our paths will cross in the new year.



  2. Put the coffee pot on and warm up the croissants. I’ll be there in 22 hrs from New York. In fact with a view like that, any old crust of bread will do. Happy Holidays to you and yours; looking forward to your posts in the new year – a little slice of the world I would optherwise not see
    Best, Debra


  3. I so want to visit New Zealand. Thanks for sharing Mark.


  4. Our Adventure in Croatia

    can’t compare, can’t compare


  5. Auckland is lovely, that’s a cracking view. What’s with all the shoes in your view?


  6. What a gorgeous view. Both Australia and New Zealand are on my bucket list. Merry Christmas Mark.


  7. Not a bad view at all. One day I really must get to NZ. And I never realized some of the back streets of London were still quite as bad as yours! Ha!


  8. I came here looking for photos of food, where is it? 🙂


  9. Rich McPeek

    Very nice Mark! Love the view!


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