Castle Roof

While up at Cholmondeley Castle earlier this year and exploring the castle I found my way to the roof, I couldn’t resist checking it out and grabbing a few shots.

Even way up here the attention to detail is amazing.



A row of chimneys gives you an idea how they kept the castle warm though out the winter months, before central heating.



A closer look reveals each chimney is numbered so as to aid in diagnostics if one or more become blocked.



Have a great weekend.


22 comments on “Castle Roof

  1. That was a treat, getting to go up on the roof! Fantastic pictures, most unusual and interesting.


  2. What a view…a roof top experience.


  3. Good thinking going up there. Beautiful views. I love the DoF in the first image.


  4. Nice old features, usually missed from ground level.


  5. Gorgeous view! Love that first shot!


  6. Gives a whole new meaning to “baby, light my fire”! V.


  7. Once again a great post thank you


  8. Always nice to have a mooch on the rooftops 😀 Love the first shot but I think the 3rd is my fave. Did you have permission to get up there? or just a bit o0f random luck?


    • Hi Tucker, the castle is closed to the public so had to pull a few strings, thanks, I like the 3rd too.


      • tuckerphotography

        It wouldn’t be as fun otherwise 🙂 I must try and be more nosey next time I stay somewhere :p


  9. Terrific details Mark even this high up. They don’t make things like this anymore.


  10. Beautiful clicks!!


  11. nice view and the first one is my favorite 🙂


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