Another Bolt

The weather in the Med this time of year never fails to amaze me, lunch time today I was walking around the helideck with my shirt off (not a pretty sight) listening to music, I had to keep an eye on the time because I didn’t want to get my slap head burnt, now eight hours later we are WOW (Waiting On Weather).
This is the storm front on the radar.


So again I venture outside to try and get a shot of lightning before the rain hits us.
This is the result, again shot hand held, with ISO set to 500.


26 comments on “Another Bolt

  1. Awesome photo!


  2. That’s like a movie scene, fantastic shot!


  3. Great capture, Mark


  4. That is an amazing capture Mark. The weather is certainly unpredictable. We just got 10 inches of snow here in Connecticut and it is only November 8th. Hard to believe.


    • The world has gone crazy, I don’t know how much rain we just had but we lost sight of our tow vessel which is only 400 meters in front of us. Thanks Len.


  5. The radar screen looks impressive. A text book strike.


  6. That’s a very cool capture. The weather’s been a little wonky here too although they’re calling for sunny and mild temperatures on the weekend.


  7. Another great lighting bolt!


  8. Adam Allegro

    Pretty damn impressive for a handheld shot!! Well done buddy, this looks beautiful.


  9. very powerful 🙂


  10. Fricking awesome!


  11. tuckerphotography

    Really good shot considering its hand held! I really want to get a good lightening shot to add to my collection sometime. That and the northern lights!


    • Thanks again Tucker, I did get the northern lights out of a plane window once, long exposure in a moving plane, I was a bit fuzzie.


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