When offshore we need supplies, and lots of them, from spare parts to food, fuel and water.
All of this stuff is brought out by boat, during rig move operations we can’t get supply boats in because the rig may suddenly move if an anchor is lifted, or a AHV puts on a bit to much power, so we can get short of stuff, like ice cream, and that is not good. So as soon as the move is finished in they come, sometimes one on either side of the rig and both cranes working overtime, anything to get that ‘double chocolate ripple’ onboard.

Here is an small anchor handler being used as a supply boat, in the North Sea we use purpose built very large supply boats.


Zoom in a bit closer and you can see some of the gear that needs to be lifted off.


Zoom in even closer and check out the guy chilling under the sun umbrella, cool…………hang on he’s eating our bloody ice cream!


18 comments on “Cargo

  1. Great photos and information, you’re doing a good job of demystifying this business of working offshore. I was on a boat off Shetland that ran very low on supplies. It started to get bad when we ran out of fresh fruit and vegetables (every day tinned mixed vegetable cubes appeared for dinner, which got rather tedious), and then milk. We went on to UHT milk and eventually resorted to the powdered stuff made up in jugs. There were a lot of grumpy crewmates onboard! I can understand your concern about the ice creams. 🙂


  2. Nice images Mark. We never think about the little things in life until there are not readily available.


  3. Dear Rigmoveer, That vessel, with its umbrella, looks like what we call stateside, a “partybarge”. Hope you got your ice cream! – Debra


  4. I agree…nothing should come between a person and ice cream 🙂 Nice images.


  5. This puts an entire new light on shopping for groceries.God forbid one runs out of ice cream, or red licorice. Virginia


  6. Awesome shots, I love seeing these big toys 🙂


  7. Great shots Mark! I have him walk the plank for eating the ice cream!


  8. I love all the colour in your photos Mark….they are stunning. Best wishes, Robert


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