No Rest

Well I managed to get off one rig, had a night in Tel Aviv and then straight back out to another, at least this one has slightly better wifi.
Short flight out, this is us leaving, it’s from an active military base so no photography allowed, so of course I had to take a snap.


Then I saw our escort and wished I hadn’t.


On the way we flew over another rig, this is a DP (dynamic positioning) rig, meaning it does not use anchors to stay on location, instead it uses large thrusters and satellite positioning (GPS), no good for us, our job is to put down anchors, luckily there is not a lot of them as they are expensive to run, about half a million dollars a day.


22 comments on “No Rest

  1. These are very cool shots Mark.


  2. l liked that shot with just the shadow 🙂


  3. Our Adventure in Croatia

    this is so interesting, you are showing us what is actually like to go on those rigs which are offshore and a marvel of engineering. Are you allowed to take pictures on the rig itself, what is like being there? maybe you’ve got some posts already which I can look at? I find it fascinating, great you share this with us all.


  4. You certainly like living on the edge, Mark!!! Virginia


  5. Fun and games 😉


  6. Fantastic shots! Half a million dollars a day? Whoa.


  7. some life you lead – some great photo ops though


  8. Awesome shots Mark!


  9. I never thought of the life of a rigger Mark. You certainly are giving me an education. Nice images.


  10. Love that first shot, looks like the Helicopter has a fish’s head with its mouth open.


  11. That first and last shot are awesome. Nice work buddy 🙂


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