A Long Day

These guys are coming to an end of a 12 hour shift, a quick repair on the crane and then it’s dinner, TV and bed.
The deck guys on any rig work hard, as do the cranes, without one the job would soon come to a standstill.
From passing anchor pennants down to AHV’s to moving gear around the rig, getting the drill floor ready, stacking the drill pipe, unloading supply boats, working on the BOP to readying the casing that goes in the sea bed, also general maintenance and keeping the place clean.
Don’t get me wrong, I work a 12 hour shift also, but my day consists of coffee and donuts, and a computer screen.
Just the other day I was disturbed from my solitaire by a lot of shouting, on opening my door of my air conditioned tin shack and after a quick sip of my ice cold water I said to the guys struggling with a crane lift “you guys look hot” and with that there was a lot of hand waving and shouting in Maltese. I think they were thanking me for showing my concern.


The complete crew on any rig I have been on work very hard and always make our stay as as pleasant possible.

22 comments on “A Long Day

  1. I couldn’t do their job, it’s very impressive what they achieve. Great shot, too.


  2. I love this shot Mark. The colors in the sky, the silhouette of the men…excellent.


  3. I love the photo, great color, well done.


  4. Terrific image Mark. The light and silhouette are killer.


  5. It is so interesting entering your work world Mark. Wonderful photographs. Virginia


  6. Just this minute came across your site…not sure how but glad I did. I have only had time to look at several images in tse few minutes. All the colors are so vivid. What kind of camera do you have. Of course you have to know how to use it and obviously you do. I will be following your site. Thanks.
    Nancy from Texas Gulf Coast


    • Thanks Nancy, I hope you enjoy it. I’m using my Sony a77 on this trip. I have a couple of other camera’s and it just depends where I’m going and how light I have travel. How a look in my equipment tab. Thanks again.


  7. Beautiful sunset Mark! Was that the international one finger wave they were sending to you!


  8. A well thought out composition of the silhouetted elements and a fabulous sky. Love it, Mark


  9. une belle lumiere pour ces travailleurs de l’ombre


  10. This works well the light silhouette and composition all work


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