Bolt from the Blue

Hey Mark, fancy going out and doing a job in the Mediterranean they said!
After the weather we have been having at home I jumped at the opportunity, Warm weather, sunshine, no rain………..not a chance!

We’ve had rain like I’ve never seen before, last night a huge lightning storm, which isn’t good for our GPS equipment, today we had to stop Anchor handling for a while because the rain was so heavy the boat couldn’t see the rig.
More lightning today,
I’m sitting in a tin box on the roof of the pilot house surrounded by antennas, the thunder is so loud my ears have popped, (I’m sure they will start to bleed soon) I need a coffee but afraid to go outside and down the steps in case I get hit by a bolt. (Lightning not a dropped object) and there is water coming in through the air vents, which I have now covered in bubble wrap and duck tape, but now I can’t breath.
I still love my job.

Took this shot last night, hand held and just kept shooting until I captured some lightning.


32 comments on “Bolt from the Blue

  1. Doesn’t sound ideal to be encased in metal surrounded by all that water – still, you love it, and you get to be in the middle of storms like that = magnificent πŸ™‚


  2. Our Adventure in Croatia

    sounds like an amazingly adventurous job you’ve got! πŸ™‚ I will check out more of your adventures in other countries…


  3. Wow Mark, that is quite the adventure you are on. THis is the first time I am glad I am not in the Mediterranean. Great pic by the way.


  4. Wow sounds a little bit scary. Take care of yourself. Wonderful capture.


  5. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Amazing stuff Mark, stay safe and find a way to get a rookie to bring you coffee!


  6. And we think we get bad weather! Sounds pretty scary. Plenty of drama in this shot, Mark.


  7. That’s what comes of trying to escape the British weather!


  8. I have never shot lighting, always wanted too. Nice work.


  9. Great shot Mark! A little “hair-raising” on the ship to capture this!


  10. How exciting, this is the adventure of working offshore! What an amazing experience and well done getting a shot of the lightning bolt, that’s great!


  11. Striking photograph! Your final sentence was the best. I STILL LOVE MY JOB. Virginia


  12. cool and nice timing πŸ™‚


  13. Any other job would seem drab in comparison! Superb shot!


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