As some of you may know I work away from home a lot of the time, and although its always difficult to be away from my lovely wife and two great sons, today is even more difficult. You see, today is my wife’s birthday, and its a big one, now I can’t tell you how young she is, it’s not my place, and she would kill me.
However as I’m in Israel at the moment and some may of heard of the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, these gardens are absolutely beautiful, they have flowers from all over the world, some very rare, some very colourful, some that are just incredible, all of which remind me of my wife.
But this is what caught my eye on the way to the gardens, this sculpture, it’s been around for a while, it’s a bit over grown, showing signs of wear and tear, but I love it.

Happy birthday darling.


20 comments on “Birthday

  1. jeanette Johnson

    Thank you Darling! Love you xx

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Our Adventure in Croatia

    mmmmhhhh don’t worry, your secret is safe …. 😉 no guessing there…..


  3. Graham Harper

    Well done Mark.


  4. That is a great birthday “card” Mark.


  5. Dearest Mark’s wife!
    Happy Birthday from Arizona USA!
    Have a lovely day!


    • I’ll past it on if I ever get to see her, I’ve just landed in tel aviv thinking I was going home, but now been sent out to another rig on Monday, still in Israel. Thanks Papa.


  6. I think she may still smack you…Good Stuff!
    You are a clever man indeed Mark!


  7. Brilliant! Happy birthday to your wife.


  8. NOW THAT IS A BIRTHDAY CARD!!! Please convey my heart felt birthday wish to your wife. Please tell her that you have surpassed all husbands with this incredible greeting. Virginia


  9. What a great card for your wife! Best wishes to her on her birthday!


  10. A milestone! Happy birthday to your wife 😀


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