South Coast

i-phone Friday

I-phone Friday comes of course from Hastings, where the wife and I spent last weekend.

First night in a nice Turkish restaurant, seat covers took a bit of getting use too.



But the Lamps were nice.



Finish the night as we started.



A walk down the Old Town the following morning.




Some cool looking shops, shame it was closed.




I think I’m off to Israel on Monday, and its to the rig with no wi-fi, so have a great weekend and i’ll post again as soon as I can.

14 comments on “i-phone Friday

  1. When I got your post I thought ‘it’s not Friday, is it?’ Good job you reminded me, as I have things I must attend to today and was forgetting where I was in the week. The old town looks lovely and it was a pity about the sweet shop, it looks great! Have a safe trip to Israel, I hope you get a nice bit of sunshine.


  2. Cool shots Mark. Have a safe trip back to Israel.


  3. Nice series of image Mark. Really like that last one.


  4. Great iPhone images. That looks like carpet in the first shot! LOL! A Peroni glass is always worth a shot.


  5. I’m loving these Iphone shots! The processing on the street scene is fantastic!


  6. nice subjects and cool colors 🙂


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