South Coast

East Lift

We got another break in the weather and checked out the East Lift.

Built some ten years later than it’s sister on the West Hill, (we didn’t find the West Hill Lift until our last day) the East Hill Lift was first opened in April 1902 and carries passengers up the cliff to the picturesque glens. The East Hill Lift is the steepest funicular railway in the country with an angle of 38 degrees (1 in 2.8 gradient). There is a tank underneath the two cars that is filled with water at the top and emptied at the bottom. The original Victorian cars are still in use today.

I’m not sure if the tanks are still in use today, didn’t see any under the cars and the turn around is very quick.


Short but steep.




Great bit of Engineering.



View from the top of the Old Town, the Old Town is full of Antique/Junk shops of which we spent hours in.

11 comments on “East Lift

  1. Wonderful images especially the last two Mark. Brilliant.


  2. Great shots Mark. I love the last one.


  3. I love these wee railways, you’re really selling Hastings to me!


  4. Nice set of images. The last 2 are my faves.


  5. Fabulous photographs. Especially interesting because recently we watched a murder-mystery show in this same setting. Virginia


  6. Wonderful set of photographs. Love these great places you capture!


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