South Coast

Net Huts

Still in Hastings,

The prominent net huts on the beach in Hastings Old Town are made of clinker weather boarding and stand an average of 25 feet high. These unique wooden buildings were originally used as workshops and storage for nets, sails and ropes.

In 1934 the Borough Council restricted the area allowed for each net hut to eight square feet because of the limited space between the cliffs and the sea. To overcome this problem the fishermen built their equipment stores upwards to maximise the allowed space and constructed three stories, one above the other.

About 45 of these unique structures can still be seen today and they are considered one of Hastings most famous and internationally known landmarks. Many more were originally built but have been destroyed by strong seas during the past 150 years. The council also demolished some during the 1950’s to clear the beach area for development.

With the advent of nylon nets there was less need for workshops and the buildings main use became storage. The remaining net huts are still used for this purpose today and are regularly maintained to withstand the elements.

These net huts were just great to look at but just as nice to smell, yeah you read it right, the mixture of tar, fish and salty sea air was great.

Disclaimer: I don’t normally go around smelling building.



From a different angle, and 35mins later the sun is coming out.



5 minutes later, clear skies and some great colours.

21 comments on “Net Huts

  1. Totally quirky. They look like something out of a medival sci fi movie – if there is such a genre.


  2. I take it there are internal stairs? You’d need to remember which level you were on when you walked out of the door!


  3. These are so cool Mark. I have never seen or heard of them. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I love the moss covered roof and, of course, seagulls have no trouble finding this perch. Am glad to see these buildings preserved…such a part of their heritage.


  5. Graham Harper

    Mark, I’m definitely with you on smells. I’m sure you’ll understand when I tell you I’m a pheromone fan!


  6. That’s very cool Mark.


  7. I’ve heard of tall fish stories. But these tall buildings make the story of the big one that got away take the far, back seat. They are very noble and stalwart looking. Quite wonderful in there simplicity. Virginia


  8. These buildings are awesome!


  9. Those are amazing, Mark. Just hope the dreaded Health and Safety don’t start poking their nose in and condemning them as unsafe!


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  11. would you allow me to credit and use any of these in my emerging blog on Happy to link and credit – i remeber these as a kid and your images are superb

    Liked by 1 person

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