Sometimes Foggy

One minute it was a beautiful sunny day, the next, dark, foggy and a strange lonely feeling to it.

As with this AHV in front of us, we find it very hard to see it at the moment, but with radar and good communications we know exactly where it is and what its up too.

Life can be like that too, one minute it’s all bright and cheery and the next minute you are plunged into total darkness and will find it very hard to see your way out. But in time the fog will lift, the sun will come out again, and things will start looking brighter again.

RIP Bob.




15 comments on “Sometimes Foggy

  1. I can see you becoming a ‘man of the cloth’ if you keep coming out with things like that!! – and your photos are good as well


  2. I take it by your post you’ve lost someone. My condolences Mark.


  3. A situation we all experience sometimes, but a nice reminder about the sun coming out again, too. I like the photo, it’s spooky, like a ghost ship.


  4. That’s a lot of fog!


  5. Thanks, I needed that reminder!


  6. Your photo and words are food for thought and so true.Sorry for your loss.


  7. Truer words never spoken! Great shot!


  8. Your photo offers such an air of mystery; I am sorry to read of your loss, Mark.


  9. too foggy 🙂


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