i-Phone Friday

It’s been a very busy week, but I think I’ve caught up for now.

Here is a few shots taken with my iPhone on my travels home last week.

This is what I had to leave behind on the rig.


Over the British country side.


Looking up the Thames towards the North, you can make out Tower Bridge, the London Eye and the ‘Shard’, Europe’s tallest building.


If you have ever heard of London Gin, this is my take on it, London through a Gin.



Have a great weekend.

23 comments on “i-Phone Friday

  1. Love them all. Great photos. Keep them coming.


  2. Wonderful series of shots Mark. I love the second one. The earth looks like a patchwork quilt.


  3. Wonderful images Mark. I agree with Edith on the second one.


  4. All that sugar, man. I put on 5 kilograms just looking at it!! Great pics though!!


  5. Wonderful pics! Mmmm doughnuts… it’s nice when you fly over an area where you can identify things, that London shot is great!


  6. Excellent and varied set, Mark. How could you leave those cakes behind!


  7. If I ate that many sweets the rig would sink from the weight gain and I would be swimming home from the sugar high (or floating from the extra fat gained from the sweets)! Love the shots from the plane. I really love the creativity you get from shooting with the IPhone.


  8. nice series Mark


  9. the 2nd picture is excellent and great details 🙂


  10. What a stunning scene, high above London. Such beautiful detail and lighting, Mark!


  11. Fabulous photographs Mark. Virginia


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