Although I don’t like cruise ships, I thought this looked pretty nice, It also gave me an opportunity to try some night shots with my new camera, I don’t carry a tripod and was on a boat myself, so I had to steady my camera by hand and try and dampen some of the vibrations, I think it worked ok.

The Magnifica was constructed by STX Europe in their shipyard at Saint-Nazaire, France. She was built at a cost of $547 million.

The vessel is 293.8 metres long, with a beam of 32.2 metres. The 93,330-gross ton vessel can reach a maximum speed of 23-knot (26 mph) Magnifica has 1,259 cabins; 2,518 passengers can be carried at double occupancy, while 3,605 can be carried at full capacity. A crew of 1,027 operate the ship and provide for the passengers.

Magnifica was identified by the shipyard hull number T32 during construction. The IMO ship identification number 9387085 will remain associated with the ship throughout her life, even if she changes names or operating companies.

Magnifica was floated out of her drydock in a launching ceremony in January 2009. A 72-hour sea trial period was successfully completed on 17 January 2010, despite poor weather and 50-knot (93 km/h) winds. 


  • 22,000 square metres (240,000 sq ft) of public-accessible area across 13 decks.
  • Three swimming pools, one with a retractable, all-weather roof.
  • Four restaurants and a buffet.
  • 17 bars and lounges.
  • A 1,160-metre (3,810 ft) spa and wellness centre.
  • Entertainment facilities included a 4-D cinema, a bowling alley, and a billiards hall.

21 comments on “Magnifica

  1. I guess starlit barges with white containers atop can be made to look like something different when night time covers much of the offensive nature of the lack of design. Apart from that, it’s a good picture with lots of interesting light themes.


  2. That is quite the shot Mark considering no tripod. Nicely exposed.


  3. You were on a boat and you didn’t use a tripod? Wow! Terrific shot.


  4. I love the blue light reflected onto the water. Great shot!


  5. A cruise ship has become a magic place in the eyes of your camera, Mark. It is indeed a sleeping beauty in this extraordinary night scene. Virginia


  6. Perhaps I missed it, but what camera did you use to take this shot, the A77 perhaps? You said it was a “new” camera…


  7. Mr Biswas

    Perhaps I missed it, but which camera did you use to take this shot, the A77? You mentioned it was a “new” camera….


  8. Hey Mark!
    Congrats on the Editors Pick above.
    Well done, Well done Indeed!!


  9. Well shot, Mark. These cruise ships are getting ridiculously large


  10. Very impressed with your hand holding for a night shot!


  11. That’s a fantastic shot! What an enormous beast she is, too, imagine being on a crew of over 1,000! Cruise ships don’t particularly appeal to me either, I think because if you’re a passenger you don’t get to see the workings and all the interesting stuff, I worry I might get a bit bored on one, but I have to admit that they are impressively large.


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