A few more shots from Cholmondeley Castle, this was one of my favourite shots, the Castle with the cricket game going on in the foreground, the day before this we sat in the cricket grounds and watched them play while we had a few cold ones, very nice it was.


How can I do a post on the castle without a door.


And a little bit of the garden.


No post tomorrow as I will be traveling home, Whoa Whoa, 21 days on this FPSO is long enough.

22 comments on “Cholmondeley

  1. Three beautiful shots, it does look like a wonderful place. I love that door, it’s a bit ecclesiastical looking. Hurrah for home time! Safe travels tomorrow.


  2. I love the look of that garden, I think I could spend a lot of time there.


  3. Lovely images Mark. Excellent composition in the door image. I love that you’ve included that incredible stone wall.


  4. Wonderful shots Mark! The first one with those cricket players is particularly lovely 🙂


  5. Terrific images Mark. I can see why the first one is a favorite. Lovely scene.


  6. Mark you’ve captured the magic of your castle. How thrilling to be part of these beautiful scenes. Safe journey home. Virginia


  7. I really like that bold composition of that arched door.


  8. Nice shots, Mark. Enjoy your time out.


  9. A lovely series of photos and the setting is wonderful too


  10. Beautiful photos of the castle! I like those doors!


  11. Really nice images Mark. I escpecially like the framing in the last one. Well done.


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