North Sea

FPSO again

I have run out of things to photograph out here on this FPSO, as you can imagine its a lot of water or a lot of steel, not much else.
This caught my eye yesterday, again it’s the Fugro Symphony working with its ROV’s beside us, but in this shot you can see the cable/pipe, (we call it an umbilical) going over the side, you can clearly see the end of the umbilical, ‘the connection’ the ROV will connect this end of the umbilical to a winch wire, that winch is located in the turret, the winch will pull the umbilical up through the turret and connect it to a riser. Job done. Not quite.

The vessel then needs to loop the umbilical over a subsea buoy, these buoy’s are connected to the sea bed and float 53.6 meters up (water depth 112m) the reason for this is so the end of the umbilical does not rub on the sea bed when the FPSO is moving in rough sea. Job done. No not yet, the other end of the umbilical gets laid on the sea bed and placed close to the end of the pipeline coming from the well, this will be connected together at a later date with divers.


Here’s the big picture. You can see both ROV’s have been deployed.


I promise this is the last post on this subject, in fact FPSO now stands for: Final Post Seriously Over.
Have a great weekend.

12 comments on “FPSO again

  1. I’m sorry to hear that’s the last of the FPSO posts. No chance of a peek at what’s inside the mess? Nice lounge? I like these shots though, very good.


    • Sorry about that TR’s, the mess is very small on here, so small we have different times for different crew, and I haven’t found a TV lounge yet, I’ll see what I can do. Thanks.


  2. Mark your photographs are ALWAYS interesting. You have a good week-end – or do you have such a thing right now? Virginia


  3. Please dont stop, i need more geeky stuff 🙂


  4. Mark, keep posting this kind of information. I’m never going to see something like this and it’s really cool seeing photographs about it and learning about what it does.


  5. nice and great to read about something new for me 🙂


  6. Your posts don’t get tiring! They are amazing.


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