North Sea

FPSO Safety

After yesterday’s post you are properly thinking, ‘hang on these guys are working on a floating oil refinery in the north sea, surly that can’t be safe’ and you would be right, it’s not.
But every bit of safety precaution is always in place and is always being updated, tweaked and refined to make sure everybody is as safe as can be.
Like this.
This is a reinforced steel tunnel that runs the full length of the ship, it’s constantly pressurised so no gas or fumes can leak in and can withstand a huge blast.


Here it is from above.


Ok now you’re thinking, ‘the tunnel will get you from one end of the ship to the other but how will you know the place you are heading to is safe’ it’s because it’s behind a huge blast wall, this thing is solid, made out of steel and concrete and about 200mm thick, the concrete will absorb the initial blast and the steel will protect us while we have tea and biscuits and await rescue.


Foot Note:
Safety is taken very serious in the North Sea as in the rest of the world by the oil industry and every effort is taken to make sure people go home the same way they arrive.

16 comments on “FPSO Safety

  1. The first image is awesome Mark. I live the leading lines.


  2. That first picture made me think of a submarine. I think if I had to choose between an FPSO and a sub I’d go for the FPSO. Nice shots!


  3. You have exposed me to another world. I’ve enjoyed these posts, explanations and information. Photos help show the enormity of these rigs, but looking down onto the platform makes one realize how small one is compared to the equipment, etc.


  4. The first Picture looks like a good place for a jog??


  5. Rich McPeek

    I feel like I’m still going down the walkway from that 1st shot! Great work!


  6. The first image is a top shot, Mark. Well captured.


  7. That top shot captures the feeling of how long that tunnel is. Bright colors too for a place you may be stuck in for a tad bit! Great shots and story always!


  8. Love these shots, gotta be a really cool unique experience, well done. I really like the first one


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