North Sea

Maersk Maneuvers

Back to work for todays shots, I like to mix it up a bit. This was the only bit of excitement I had yesterday, watching these two AHV’s change places.
The one on the right is the Maersk Lifter, the one on the left is the Maersk Laser, both are ‘L’ class AHV’s, hence the names. Now the Lifter wanted to go into port for a crew change, so they called the Laser, the Laser said he would replace the Lifter so the Lifter could leave. Now the Lifter is connected to our Bow line, its a safety measure until we are fully operational. So this is what they did. The Laser came in from the left of the Lifter, the Laser had to get close enough to throw a line to the Lifter, once the Lifter had the line from the Laser they attached the line to a wire, the wire was pulled over from the Lifter to the Laser with a winch, once that wire was on the Laser it was connected to the Bow line and the Lifter then let go of the Bow line and the Laser pulled it on deck and connected it to it work wire, the Lifter was then free and could go off for his crew change.
Hope that makes sense.

Moving in.


You can just make out the line the guy up on the gantry crane track is throwing.

Have a great weekend.

18 comments on “Maersk Maneuvers

  1. Great shots, but it looks a bit choppy, I wouldn’t fancy being the chap throwing the line!


  2. Rich McPeek

    Wow! Great shots Mark!


  3. Hmmm… and I thought parallel parking was tough in downtown Toronto. Cool shots Mark.


  4. Cool photos. I like how close the ships got 🙂


  5. Beautiful shots! I love the color of the water!


  6. the pictures are looking very dramatic 🙂


  7. I’m a sailor myself and the whole idea of ships this big coming that close together is just amazing to me. Wonderful colors in the ocean in these thots too.


  8. So nonchalant So scary. So much water. I have goosebumps just looking at the photographs. Virginia.


  9. Hi fantastic to see your pictures, my son Spencer is 2nd officer on the Laser. Interesting to see his work in action


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