The Gardens

Quick post today showing the gardens around Cholmondeley Castle, we were lucky enough to able to walk around them while they weren’t open to the public, it’s getting close to the end of summer so the gardens are not at their best, but still very nice.
My first attempt at this type of shot.


A Folly.



20 comments on “The Gardens

  1. Just amazing! For me, even more than the castles themselves, these vast and magnificent gardens are what testify to the wealth of those old aristocratic estates – the luxury of using so much land for a garden, not agriculture is amazing. And look at the legacy – waterfalls, follies (how I adore a folly!), ponds and pathways … Beautiful.


  2. That looks absolutely wonderful!


  3. Rich McPeek

    Terrific shots! Really like the long exp on the waterfall in the 1st one! Great work!


  4. Really lovely shots Mark. I love the first one. You did a great job on the water.


  5. Outstanding shots, love them all, would love to see more but the second one looks so serene. Thanks for posting, its great to see places I could never get to see otherwise

    If the gardens were not at their best being end of summer, amazing as they are right now in these photos I cannot comprehend how they could be better, simply magnificent


  6. You captured the waterfalls beautifully! Great shots.


  7. Terrific shots! :)Just Amazed!


  8. Fabulous fantasy gardens. They are dream-like. Beautifully captured by you, Mark. Virginia


  9. What a beautiful place!


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