Archie at the Castle

I thought I would try to forget about ships & sea for a while, which is quite difficult as I’m surrounded by it. So here are some shots from our stay at Cholmondeley Castle, Archie our dog being the central theme.
Here he is checking out the alpaca’s, I think he thought one was his Mum.

The large double story stables in the background is where Ginger McCain trained Red Rum, winner of the Grand National in 1973, 1974 and 1977. His son Donald took over the stable from his father in 2006 and followed in his footsteps by training the 2011 Aintree winner Ballabriggs.

Walkie’s time.


A bit of tree climbing with my son Aiden.


One last sit in the mounting block before the drive home.


16 comments on “Archie at the Castle

  1. Your son is very handsome and Archie is adorable. Looks like a great place to explore.


  2. Archie and Aiden look like they fit right in…curious and of course,tree climbing. Great shots.


  3. That first photo made me laugh out loud. Archie is a born star, I’m so glad you put up some more photos of him. That’s a lovely pic with your son, too.


  4. Archie would have had one hell of a time if he had got the other side of that fence!


  5. Love the hair on Archie!


  6. Archie looks like he has a similar hairdo as the brown alpaca! Love this series!


  7. If was delighted to see the photograph of your son with your very wooly dog. He is a handsome boy. Virginia


  8. Anna Failla

    So beautiful! The second one is impossibly cute, I love it 🙂


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