North Sea

Which Camera

Which camera do I pack? In my job I have to travel light, with weight restrictions on planes and helicopters and depending on the time of year, and where in the world I’m going.
This job is in the North Sea, it’s colder than the Mediterranean, so I take warm clothes, there isn’t much to see, so I take my Point & shoot, I was wrong on both accounts.
This just sailed past our FPSO.

The Statsraad Lehmkuhl is a three-masted barque rigged sail training vessel owned and operated by the Statsraad Lehmkuhl Foundation. It is based in Bergen, Norway and contracted out for various purposes, including serving as a school ship for the Royal Norwegian Navy.
It was built in 1914 as a school training ship for the German merchant marine under the name Grossherzog Friedrich August. After the First World War the ship was taken as a prize by the United Kingdom and in 1921 the ship was bought by former cabinet minister Kristoffer Lehmkuhl (hence the name, which means “Cabinet Minister Lehmkuhl”). With the exception of the Second World War, when she was captured by German troops and called Westwärts, the ship has belonged to Bergens Skoleskib until it was donated to the Foundation in 1978.
In 2000, it was chartered by the German Navy while their Gorch Fock was overhauled.


13 comments on “Which Camera

  1. It’s always a dilemma what to take and you can get surprisingly good weather in the North Sea in the summer. How lovely to see that tall ship. I’ve been on it (only in harbour, sadly) and it’s a cracker. I would be jumping up and down with excitement if I saw it at sea like you did.


  2. I’d say yhere’s always a lot to see when you’re working. Lovely capture.


  3. Yep, I recognize the dilemma! I pocket my Canon G10 every time and add the Nikon dSLR if I have the space or want greater lens width. For averagely good light I find the G10 is fine for most straightforward work, but ramp up the ISO and the noise is awful. And the RAW files are bigger too with the G10 than with the NikonD80.


  4. I love those ships! Great shot of it. I know the camera dilemma. Sometimes I just don’t want to lug the Pentax dslr around and opt for my little Panasonic LX5. As long as I have a camera with me I’m pretty much a happy camper.


  5. I love my DSLR but sometimes it seems big to carry around. I do not have a smaller camera except for the iPhone, which gets used when the big guy is not there 🙂


  6. Superliked! and Loved this one!


  7. Great capture indeed. Seems like you did well with your point and shoot!


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