North Sea


This is the Fugro Symphony, Fugro’s latest, purpose built ROV support vessel, Delivered in May 2011 it has been specifically designed to address the latest demands of the deep water Remote Intervention, Construction & Survey markets.
Powered by 4 x Rolls-Royce Engines. Each driving a Generator.
I also think it looks pretty cool.


It has two ROV’s onboard, here you can see the ROV hanger, the door is open and the ROV has been deployed.


This is of course a working vessel but the staff still need to be looked after, so here’s some of the luxuries onboard,
– 50 Seat Auditorium/Cinema,
– Excellent Leisure facilities with 2 Lounges, 2 Gymnasia, 2 Sauna, 2 Solaria, Internet Café, Network in all cabins
– Comfort & Vibration Class 3 High standard of outfitting in all lounges & public areas.
If only I didn’t get sea sick.

16 comments on “Symphony

  1. Graham Harper

    A magnificent vessel. I hope you don’t get seasick too often as I imagine that would curtail activities in the Comfort & Vibration Class area.


  2. I wish my workplace offered those perks!


  3. Great photos and description. What do you take for sea sickness? Do the patches work?


    • Thanks Lynne. I don’t work on boats much, don’t carry anything with me, but if it hits me I just lay down, I’m ok when I’m horizontal, I been on my bed for 3 days before.


  4. Nice to know they value you enough to look after you on the high seas. An impressive looking vessel.


  5. Any shared cabins? And do all cabins have en suite? I’ve been on a few Fugro boats and would like to go on this one. I get seasick too but after trying lots of remedies I found one that worked – prochlorperazine, you can get it on prescription from the doctor. Maybe worth a try?


    • Accommodation for 105 in 37 Single & 34 double cabins, but I’ve only been on one boat where I had to share a cabin, all cabins have en-suite’s. Thanks for the sea sick suggestion.


      • Thanks for the info Mark. I’ve been lucky with not having to share too, but it’s always a possibility if there are a lot of people onboard. I have been on boats where other people have had to share for weeks, sometimes even on the same shift, and that would be very trying, I think.


  6. She is quite beautiful. A classy lady in red. Virginia


  7. Great images and story Mark! Rolls Royce engines and Rolls Royce luxury accommodations sounds good to me.


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