Please, not more Doors!

Yes I’m afraid so, more doors, I just can’t help myself, I see a door, I’ve got to shoot it. This first one is from one of the other gate houses at Cholmondeley Castle, and there’s another warning, all this week will be shots from Cholmondeley Castle, so if you are going to have a week off, now is the time.


This one is from the outdoor pool enclosure, I was so close to falling in the pool as I backed up to take this shot.


Does anyone what to see the Castle? Here is a teaser.

22 comments on “Please, not more Doors!

  1. More doors????? I love it.


  2. Nice photos – like it


  3. Love the doors and I really like the perspective on the last shot.


  4. I’m looking forward to the Castle picts!


  5. I can’t see a door in the third image! The other two are certainly photogenic.


  6. Can’t be too many doors for me Mark. Bring them on. Virginia


  7. More doors please – re-blogged to the Legion of Door Whores – take a look


  8. Yeah, yeah, show me the castle. And more doors, never too many doors … I don’t think …


  9. The wooden “Outdoor Pool Enclosure” is excellent. All are very good, that’s just more so…


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