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Nazareth   8 comments

Post and run today, i’ve been busy since my return from the North Sea, and today is no exception, so here is a quick look at the inside of the Basilica of the Annunciation, I’ve posted about the Basilica before here so check it out if you haven’t already seen it.

Have a great weekend.


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Cholmondeley   22 comments

A few more shots from Cholmondeley Castle, this was one of my favourite shots, the Castle with the cricket game going on in the foreground, the day before this we sat in the cricket grounds and watched them play while we had a few cold ones, very nice it was.


How can I do a post on the castle without a door.


And a little bit of the garden.


No post tomorrow as I will be traveling home, Whoa Whoa, 21 days on this FPSO is long enough.

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FPSO again   12 comments

I have run out of things to photograph out here on this FPSO, as you can imagine its a lot of water or a lot of steel, not much else.
This caught my eye yesterday, again it’s the Fugro Symphony working with its ROV’s beside us, but in this shot you can see the cable/pipe, (we call it an umbilical) going over the side, you can clearly see the end of the umbilical, ‘the connection’ the ROV will connect this end of the umbilical to a winch wire, that winch is located in the turret, the winch will pull the umbilical up through the turret and connect it to a riser. Job done. Not quite.

The vessel then needs to loop the umbilical over a subsea buoy, these buoy’s are connected to the sea bed and float 53.6 meters up (water depth 112m) the reason for this is so the end of the umbilical does not rub on the sea bed when the FPSO is moving in rough sea. Job done. No not yet, the other end of the umbilical gets laid on the sea bed and placed close to the end of the pipeline coming from the well, this will be connected together at a later date with divers.


Here’s the big picture. You can see both ROV’s have been deployed.


I promise this is the last post on this subject, in fact FPSO now stands for: Final Post Seriously Over.
Have a great weekend.

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Big Stuff   18 comments

Although the rigs we work on are relatively small the stuff on them can be pretty big.
Check out this box of nuts and bolt.

Did you notice my iPhone resting on top.

What about this drill bit, imagine this at your local dentist!


Even the coffee is huge, eat your heart out Starbucks.


As are the steaks. (look away vegetarians)


Some very large rear ends too, if you see what I mean.

I was talking about the boats back end.

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FPSO Safety   16 comments

After yesterday’s post you are properly thinking, ‘hang on these guys are working on a floating oil refinery in the north sea, surly that can’t be safe’ and you would be right, it’s not.
But every bit of safety precaution is always in place and is always being updated, tweaked and refined to make sure everybody is as safe as can be.
Like this.
This is a reinforced steel tunnel that runs the full length of the ship, it’s constantly pressurised so no gas or fumes can leak in and can withstand a huge blast.


Here it is from above.


Ok now you’re thinking, ‘the tunnel will get you from one end of the ship to the other but how will you know the place you are heading to is safe’ it’s because it’s behind a huge blast wall, this thing is solid, made out of steel and concrete and about 200mm thick, the concrete will absorb the initial blast and the steel will protect us while we have tea and biscuits and await rescue.


Foot Note:
Safety is taken very serious in the North Sea as in the rest of the world by the oil industry and every effort is taken to make sure people go home the same way they arrive.

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FPSO, Explained.   22 comments

I thought I would try and explain a bit about this FPSO I’m on. First of all the name FPSO= Floating-it’s a boat, Production-turning oil into usable oil, Storage-capable of storing up to 540,000 barrels of oil, Offloading-once oil has been refined it can then be offloaded to a tanker and taken to shore.
This FPSO is 260m long and 41m wide.

At the moment it is in the process of connecting a complex series of pipes and tubing to the turret which in turn is connected to oil and gas wells on the seabed. This first shot is of my navigation screen which clearly shows the FPSO in red and to the right the Fugro Symphony (FS), the 10 green lines coming from the centre are the anchors and all the other lines are the pipeline we will be connecting too, about 17 in total over 4-5 phases.


In this photo you can see the Symphony alongside with the ROV in the water and the large orange pipe getting lowered over the side, the ROV will connect this to another pipe on the seabed and the other end to us. This takes about 32 hours to complete.


This shot is of the turret, all anchor chains and the various piping, which transports oil to the FPSO, injects gas into reservoirs, or sends controls and signals to and fro, are connected up through the FPSO’s turret.
While the turret always stays facing in the same direction so that the various connections do not get entangled, the FPSO can rotate around it in order to always face into the wind. This ensures the stability of the entire FPSO and the piping system. Since the storm damage on February the 4th 2011 the repairs have cost an estimated 1 Billion dollars.

If anyone has any questions please write them on the back on a 10 pound note and send it to……not really, just ask and if I know it I’ll answer it, if I don’t I’ll find out.

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Autumn Gardens   8 comments

I found these shots from the last time we were at Cholmondeley Castle in the Autumn or Fall I think you guys over the pond call it.
The frame was from the days when I thought they looked good.



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Maersk Maneuvers   18 comments

Back to work for todays shots, I like to mix it up a bit. This was the only bit of excitement I had yesterday, watching these two AHV’s change places.
The one on the right is the Maersk Lifter, the one on the left is the Maersk Laser, both are ‘L’ class AHV’s, hence the names. Now the Lifter wanted to go into port for a crew change, so they called the Laser, the Laser said he would replace the Lifter so the Lifter could leave. Now the Lifter is connected to our Bow line, its a safety measure until we are fully operational. So this is what they did. The Laser came in from the left of the Lifter, the Laser had to get close enough to throw a line to the Lifter, once the Lifter had the line from the Laser they attached the line to a wire, the wire was pulled over from the Lifter to the Laser with a winch, once that wire was on the Laser it was connected to the Bow line and the Lifter then let go of the Bow line and the Laser pulled it on deck and connected it to it work wire, the Lifter was then free and could go off for his crew change.
Hope that makes sense.

Moving in.


You can just make out the line the guy up on the gantry crane track is throwing.

Have a great weekend.

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The Gardens   20 comments

Quick post today showing the gardens around Cholmondeley Castle, we were lucky enough to able to walk around them while they weren’t open to the public, it’s getting close to the end of summer so the gardens are not at their best, but still very nice.
My first attempt at this type of shot.


A Folly.



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Archie at the Castle   16 comments

I thought I would try to forget about ships & sea for a while, which is quite difficult as I’m surrounded by it. So here are some shots from our stay at Cholmondeley Castle, Archie our dog being the central theme.
Here he is checking out the alpaca’s, I think he thought one was his Mum.

The large double story stables in the background is where Ginger McCain trained Red Rum, winner of the Grand National in 1973, 1974 and 1977. His son Donald took over the stable from his father in 2006 and followed in his footsteps by training the 2011 Aintree winner Ballabriggs.

Walkie’s time.


A bit of tree climbing with my son Aiden.


One last sit in the mounting block before the drive home.


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