Gate House

I’ve found some wifi! Finally had to go shopping with the wife, while she’s doing her stuff I’ve snuck off to Starbucks and found a slow connection to the outside world.
This is our home for the next week, it’s one of the inner gatehouses of Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire. This is our fourth visit to Cholmondeley Castle, on one of our last visits my wife and I were lucky enough to have lunch with Lady Cholmondeley which was really cool, served by a butler and all. For security reasons I had to ask before I could post this so I can’t go into to much more detail. The Castle isn’t open to the public but the grounds are, and are well worth a visit.


18 comments on “Gate House

  1. Sounds like an interesting place to stay.


  2. Wow that looks really cool Mark. I’d love to see some interior shots if your allowed to photograph inside.


    • Thanks Edith, yeah I can take photos of both the castle and the lodge but may not be able to publish the interior of the castle, I’ll check.


  3. Looks like a great place to stay Mark. I love the great castles of Europe. Wish we had some in the US


  4. Adam Allegro

    Wow Mark, this is wonderful. Sounds like a spledid place to visit. A Butler??? haha, that is pretty cool. Nice work.


  5. That’s a very imposing gatehouse, and a lovely shot of it. I hope you’re having a great holiday.


  6. If this is the gatehouse I want to see the real house 🙂 Thanks for sharing


  7. Wow, Ditto TJ above!
    Good Stuff Mark!
    Njoy your Holiday!


  8. Wow! Your gatehouse looks like a castle to me!


  9. Amazing! How exciting to stay in a real castle!


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