Last of the Door’s

Last door post, for this week anyway, these doors have been brought to you today all the way from Tangier, strictly specking it’s two doors and an arch. I’m surprised how many door photo’s I’ve got, a lot of comments yesterday said “we all love a door”

I’m off on holiday next week so may not be able to post, but we are staying in the grounds of a castle so hopefully I will get a few good shots of the British country side, have a great weekend.






23 comments on “Last of the Door’s

  1. Nice set of doors, Mark. Have a great holiday


  2. So cool. I love the last image. I feel like runnning through that door and jumping in the water.


  3. Nice trio, but I go for the last one too. Very well handled contrast in that and the view through is so inviting. Enjoy your break.


  4. We dont have doors like these in the states. Thanks for sharing


  5. These doors are dynamite!! A holiday on castle grounds! Bring on the jousting knights and fair ladies. Have a brilliant time. Virginia


  6. Another 3 crackers! Looking forward to your castle doors….have a lovely holiday!


  7. cool textures and design 🙂


  8. Another beautiful set of images. I love the arch looking at the sea!


  9. Adam Allegro

    That is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. Nice work my friend.


  10. Such beautiful detail you’ve captured in these Moroccan doors, Mark! I also marveled at the beauty of the ones I saw in Marrakech and Fes, and in Tunis. The door knockers (the ones with the hand motif are the ones that come to mind) are special as well.


  11. Just too good. I loved the last one. Could you share where exactly is it?


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