Old Doors

I’ve calmed down from my rant yesterday and back to my chilled self, quick post today as I’m on my way out, these are a couple of shots I took while walking around Limassol in Southern Cyprus, unfortunately when I was there almost every road was being ripped up for some reason or another and there was a lot of the town I couldn’t get to, still what I saw was very nice.

There is a lot of shops like this, the doors get opened and the display set up and they sit and wait.



Other doors remain closed all day.

18 comments on “Old Doors

  1. The black and white shows up the doors’ features. The doors in booths etc in the Middle East are part of the scenery, I think, and are much as you show.


  2. I love old doors and these are particularly lovely!


  3. Both are striking and each tells a different story. I enjoy your posts.


  4. I love old doors. Terrific shots and I particularly like the B&W. Wonderful textures.


  5. I really like how you treated the doors Mark. The textures and details really pop.


  6. Love photos of old things.


  7. I was a little surprised by your rant yesterday. But sometimes you just get tired of going with the flow and you have to make a stand. There is absolutely no reason to apologize to anyone. Bravo.
    Love the doors. There is something commanding about doors that draws you in. And isn’t it wonderful that they are scared and worn and have this immense sense of history. Virginia


  8. Rich McPeek

    I like how both shots show two different aspects of the doors! Both are great shots and I really like the B&W one! Great work!


  9. The processing here is superb, Mark, in both images.


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