War & Peace

Last week in Amsterdam I stayed in a Hotel moored in the harbour before joining the rig, the view out of one window was this Ex-Russian submarine 4711 (Zulu V Class Submarine B-80, project 611) It use to be a Museum ship in the Dutch Navy port of Den Helder. It was brought to the Netherlands by submarine enthusiasts. Exploitation was probably to expensive and the submarine was sold and is now in use as an occasional party location. Unfortunately  the interior was dismantled and all original instruments were taken out to make room for it’s new purpose.



The view out my other window was this, The MV Sirius is a Greenpeace ship named after the star Sirius. The Sirius was built with modern specifications at the Boele shipyard in the Netherlands in 1950 as one of 7 pilot vessels. The ship, originally owned by the Royal Dutch Navy, was sold to Greenpeace during 1981 while in dry dock. The ship was refitted, repaired, and repainted. It took ten weeks to paint her. The ship’s colour scheme was soon changed to a green hull and rainbow colours and a white dove of peace with an olive branch was painted on the bow. Sirius was refitted with more modern navigation systems, communication equipment, lifeboats, and rafts. The pantries were turned into outdoor engine rooms and the mess room became a storage room.

14 comments on “War & Peace

  1. What impressive views you had out of both windows!


  2. Is that the home dock for green peace or was it just in town during your stay?


  3. When you ask for a room with a view you don’t fool around 🙂


  4. A rainbow that does not refract.

    It all makes for variations in photography doesn’t it. It seems all too easy to photo a field, trees, or a regular scene, when you see other aspects of interest like these pictures show.


  5. Great views Mark. That sub is showing its age


  6. Quite a Room with a View.


  7. Great images Mark and always interesting! Love the submarine!


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