Morning all, after a Helicopter to Norwich, a flight to Aberdeen, Taxi to the office, Taxi from the office, flight to London, tube to the Dome and a taxi, I finally made it home.

While in Norwich airport this landed.

After a quick google search I found out it’s a Bombardier Sentinel, but have know idea what it’s used for, the dome’s top and bottom look like some sort of Radar/Sonar, any ideas?

Slightly better view.

14 comments on “Sentinel

  1. Whenever I take photos I find it so hard to get clear shots. Especially a place like an airport, I’m impressed at how clean you were able to shoot this. As for the plane, I can’t help there.


  2. Graham Harper

    Official Secrets Act perhaps?!


  3. I have no idea but it’s a curious looking beast. What a journey you had, all the way from Norwich to London via Aberdeen!


  4. Looks super secretive to me 🙂


  5. I have no idea what its used for but cool shots…and welcome home.


  6. Hello Rigmover, nice shots!
    This is an ASTOR (Airborne STand-Off Radar), you’ll find further details at wikipedia


  7. I’m glad to find out what the plane is. Thanks to wander. Great shots.


  8. Hi Mark
    Found this on the internet!
    Pretty Cool Craft!


    Raytheon SentinelFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search
    Sentinel R1

    ZJ692 lifts from Runway 08 at Mojave
    Role Airborne battlefield and ground surveillance aircraft
    Manufacturer Raytheon (modifications)
    Bombardier (airframe)
    First flight 26 May 2004
    Introduction 2008
    Status Active service
    Primary user Royal Air Force
    Number built 5
    Unit cost £954m (for a fleet of 5 aircraft plus 8 vehicle-based ground stations)[1]
    Developed from Bombardier Global Express

    A closeup of the Sentinel’s radar pod.
    ZJ692, aircraft No. 3, takes off from the Mojave Spaceport during a visit to the National Test Pilot School.The Raytheon Sentinel is a Bombardier Global Express modified as an airborne battlefield and ground surveillance platform for the British Royal Air Force. Originally known as the ASTOR (Airborne STand-Off Radar) programme the aircraft is operated by a RAF squadron manned by both air force and army personnel. The Sentinel is interoperable with other allied systems such as JSTARS and the NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) system


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