This is the jackup that was berthed next to us in Amsterdam, it’s a Jackup barge, properly built for wind farm installation, like the one I’m on, this is a DP2 class barge, DP (Dynamic Positioning) users GPS satellites to get a position and large thrusters to stay on that location, it’s accurate to about 10cm. Here is a shot of the complete barge taken from ours, in the shadow of our helideck is their bow (pointy bit on a boat) and you can just make out the bow thrusters.


Here is a closer look at the thrusters, as you can see these are lowered at the moment, in this position they can swivel 360 degrees giving great movability, when in transit the thrusters are raised for less water resistance, but the clever bit is the big holes, this is so when the thrusters are up they can still be used, by switching the large electric motors from forward to reverse the position of the bow can be moved in any direction.


8 comments on “Thrusters

  1. Thanks for the geek warning Mark…LOL. Cool shots.


  2. This has to be one of the biggest ‘toys’ to have fun with. What extraordinary technology. .


    • It sure is, we couldn’t get sky tv the other day so the captain just lifted the legs, turned 180 degrees on the spot, put the legs back down, we watched the Olympics. Thanks Andy.


  3. Great shots! I think its interesting engineering geeky stuff. I know I would never see this if it wasn’t for your photographs, so thank you Mark!


  4. colorful and huge 🙂


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