Well I’m still here, the job in Amsterdam has been put on hold until Wed’s.

Thought I would share another photo of Archie our Labradoodle, here with his fav toy.

15 comments on “Archie

  1. He’s so fluffy! Can he see where he’s going? Hope you’re enjoying the Netherlands.


  2. OMG Archie is gorgeous. I have a friend who’s thinking of getting a Labradoodle. She’s going to love Archie when I show her this picture.


  3. Pretty cut dog Mark. Looks like his favorite toy!


  4. He’s really cute! My cousin has three Labradoodle’s.


  5. Now I know dogs gossip over the garden wall!

    I was communicating with a black labradoodle yesterday; owner half uttered a caution to me. It didn’t get very far, the dog was licking my hand before owner had completed the utterance.


  6. That is one bundle of fun, I can see. We’re just dog sitting my daughter’s puppy. Great fun, but you can’t take your eyes off him for a moment!


  7. What’s not to love!


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