Inside the Basilica

Following on from yesterdays post, we spent about 15 mins inside the church, not really long enough but still nice to get away from the heat, there is no talking allowed on the lower floor which was a nice break from our tour guide, the church is constructed from cement pillars, floors and celling, and left in a very raw state, this is so you can tell it’s new.

This is the upper floor where a service was ongoing.



A lot os stained glass can be found, this is the window above the front entrance, seen here from inside,


And outside.

The front of the church is amazing, but i had to crop it as the front is concave and without a wide angle lens it looked a bit odd, I also changed the exposure so the doorways were completely dark, adding a bit of mystery. Let me know what you think?

17 comments on “Inside the Basilica

  1. I think I shall have to review my pictures of the Basilica. There was a service in progress when we were there on the second occasion. I don’t really like using my camera at those times. Most of my photos were focussed on what was happening outside. I may post a few. Evocative.


  2. Excellent images Mark. That last one is my favorite. Well done.


  3. Beautiful photos to a place I’ve never been Love the stain glass and architecture. (Check out my post this morning. I have nominated you to participate in 7 Super Shots. I hope you do.)


  4. I like that you darkened the doorways but you can still see a touch of light on the ground. I think you achieved what you were after. I also like the way the stained glass image came out.


  5. Nice trio of images. I love the soft reflection below the stained glass windows. The way you have processed the last image is just right. The dark doorways adds mystery and works well.


  6. great beauty 🙂


  7. What a wonderful building and very evocative photos, I think you did a great job!


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