Here are two mistakes I made and which would normally be in the trash by now, but then I thought, Hey you learn by your mistakes.

The first is pushing the button by accident, I was on deck late at night to try and capture this Platform we were moving along side, I knelt down to steady myself against a hand rail, took the shot, as I was attempting to get back on my feet I clicked the button, as it worked out it was better than the first shot.



The second is moving out of a cool air-conditioned room and into the heat of a summer night in Israel, then taking a shot of a AHV towing us with my lens fogged up, I could see this through my view finder but thought I’d give it a go.

“And bad mistakes, I’ve made a few” Queen-We Are The Champions.





14 comments on “Oops

  1. Both are creative blunders. That’s what makes them unique and artistic.


  2. I’ll take your mistakes any time! 🙂


  3. Yes we do learn from our mistakes but I have to tell you I really, really like the second image. It almost looks like it came from a Lensbaby.


  4. Well add on your Queen lyrics “We will, we will rock you” because your mistakes rock!


  5. great mistakes to have made


  6. I koved the concept of talkin’ about mistake so that it could be avoided in future.Mistakes are usually meant for trash – as you rightly mentioned; and in this regard , I was attending this music concert in a huge but jampacked auditorium…..I could barely click the band members…but managed few. Back home, I all I found were the legs of the band members, heads of few audiences and so on.


  7. Those are two very creative mistakes. A reminder to us all not to immediately eliminate the error shots at the time of shooting but check ’em out first, back home on the screen. I love both of these.


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