London Norway


It’s nice to be home again, it was a long day travelling yesterday but I did manage to get a great view of London getting ready for the Olympics as we flew into City Airport, which is only a hammer throw from where it all kicks off tonight.

Would like to say good luck to Gemma (my son’s girlfriend) who is dancing at the opening ceremony tonight. ‘Good luck’

I don’t know what today’s photo has to do with any of this, it was taken next to the rundown house so that is the only link I can think of.

15 comments on “Links

  1. Adam Allegro

    Awesome detail! Nice shot buddy.


  2. Great details and textures mark. Nicely done.


  3. I love the texture of this. I plan on watching the opening ceremonies tonight.


  4. This pic reminds me of some gear that was abandoned along the Atlantic coast line, when the herring industry contracted. Excellent detail.


  5. This whole Olympics is really thrilling. And to have some one involved makes it doubly so. Virginia


  6. Really great close up shot! I think you “linked” it to the Olympics.


  7. That was a great capture…the rustier parts are prominent too…well detailed


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