Just a quick follow on from yesterday’s post, this nice boat house was just along the coast from the rundown house, maybe the owner spent more time here than at home. I’m just about to jump on a helicopter so will catch you all later.


16 comments on “Boathouse

  1. Is this how it’s meant to be. looking, as if the boathouse is floating on high tide? At least, with the bright colours they can be seen if the water doesn’t rise too high. Isn’t it surprising what you can see from high vantage points. 🙂


  2. I love these little Norwegian boat houses.


  3. Wow, the color contrast in the photo is great. The bright red against the dark colors looks great


  4. Very nice image Mark. Quite the contrast to yesterday’s post


  5. Fantastic colours and I really like the way that the left hand boathouse seems an ‘echo’ of the one in the foreground – that looks like it’s headed off on a voyage of its own. Nice composition.


  6. Hi Mark;
    Travel safe homeward!
    I love red barns with green metal roofs!
    Great Pic!



  7. Ah… Norway in the summer, the endless days/nights. Captured in these boathouse pictures. Beautiful. Virginia


  8. Love the boathous! Beautiful color Mark!


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