This job is coming to an end, all going well in the next couple of hours and I should be on a chopper to dry land tonight, a night in Stavanger and then home tomorrow, it’s always a shame to leave Norway, it’s such a beautiful country.
This was a shot I took last time I was here, we came into Kristiansund by boat and I saw this old rundown house and I thought to myself, that looks like my house.


14 comments on “Rundown

  1. I feel the same about leaving Norway, but I’m sure you’ll be back! Lovely photo.


  2. Unfortunately it seems that every town or city has a “rundown” area.


  3. Boy that house sure has seen better times.


  4. Beautiful shot Mark. The colors are gorgeous.


  5. You mean your house has a big hole the roof! 😉 I must explore your Israel Pix and see if any are similar to mine. 🙂

    I have often passed the Beatrice field, on dry land, have you been to it?


    • Haha it did but replaced my roof last winter, it wasn’t that bad. I’m sure I went to the Beatrice field many years ago.


  6. Good Stuff Mark!
    I will come by this weekend when your home, we will fix the roof and BBQ!


  7. This concept of enormous sky lights is very forward thinking. Just needs a little bit of finishing work. Virginia


  8. Not so sure there is hope for the house but the setting – Wow!


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