Meet Archie

This is our new dog, his name is Archie and he’s a Labradoodle, yeah that is a real breed, it’s a mixed breed, I think you can guess which two dogs are used.
He’s a designer-Dog first created in Australia to be the ultimate doggie companion and guide for people with sight impairment or total blindness.
He’s 4 months old and very playful, here he has just chased our cat downstairs, he then lost sight of Sid, gave up and sat down.


8 comments on “Meet Archie

  1. He is soooo cute. What a great capture.


  2. What a character Archie looks.


  3. nicely framed 🙂


  4. Archie and Sid will become close companions. We had a poodle and a cat. They played games. There favorite was tag you’re it. When our dog passed away the cat went into deep depression. She missed her friend so much. We sometimes under estimate the sensibility of animals. Virginia


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