Sinking Feeling

Finally found an room with wifi that works, just finishing another rig move, we moved a Flotel next to this platform, the Flotel is a large floating hotel, hence the name, it’s sleeps 483 people or double that if you share a room, we’ll move it very close to this platform and extend a bridge so people can work on the platform and rest and play on the Flotel, it’s equipped with a cinema which seats about a 150 people and a great gym with his and hers saunas.
The platform is built into the seabed and has a lifespan of around 40 years, it’s built higher than most platforms due to the fact it’s sinking at 300mm a year, lower the platform shorter the lifespan.
This shot was taken with my iPad though my office window, nice view.


15 comments on “Sinking Feeling

  1. Very cool photo. Must be quite a life living on those rigs. So, where is this “flotel”? Or are you on it when you are taking the photo?


  2. There’s another entire world functioning in the middle of the ocean. Thanks to you Mark you are introducing us to it, and explaining the functions and responsibilities of your work. We thought Venice was disappearing… this puts a new perspective on things. Virginia


  3. Wow that is really cool. It must be quite something living on a flotel.


  4. That is very cool Mark. I remember that my first company invested in these in the North Sea. Never got a chance to visit one live. Nice image.


  5. I would love to visit a flotel, it completely astonishes me that these enormous structures are built at sea and operate for decades. I didn’t know they were sinking at such a rate, it’s fascinating stuff!


  6. Speaking of the 483 room flotel puts the enormanity of these rigs in perspective. Fascinating.


  7. You really have an interesting job. Love the photo!


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