Street Art

No not mine, Tomer’s.

We met Tomer in the hotel where he work’s part time, started chatting and it didn’t take long for the subject to turn to photography, he said he had a exhibition on across town and gave us the address, now we had just been packed into a very small helicopter, then a hours drive from Haifa to Tel Aviv, booked into the hotel, showered and met in the bar, the last thing we wanted to do was go back out in the 40+ degree heat to look at some photo’s, Then he mentioned the exhibition was in a Irish bar.

The taxi ride was only 15 mins and before we knew it Eamon and I were standing in front or said Irish Bar, unfortunately it was closed until 2030, we had half an hour to eat.

We had also been told about the best Pizza place in Tel Aviv, we asked a barman and he pointed to a restaurant across the road and off we went, we joined the small queue and waited 10 mins for a table, one look at the menu and I realised, NO PIZZA, very strange but not the end of the world, after a great hamburger we left, and what was all lit up next door, The Best Pizza Place in Tel Aviv, I should learn Hebrew.

Anyway enough ranting, check these photo’s out and visit Tomer’s site for a much better look at his work than my I-Phone shots.


9 comments on “Street Art

  1. Graham Harper

    My life, already! Wherever you go in the world there’s a pizza place and an irish bar. Isn’t life wonderful.


  2. Very nice find Mark. Wonderful shots.


  3. It’s interesting where we end up eating. The search for a great pizza, an Irish bar, and photography. All good destination points… especially the pizza. Where ever we go we always ask “who makes the best pizza”. Virginia


  4. hi Mark;
    My granddad, Michael Sullivan, told me the Irish invented sunblock… It’s called and Irish Pub! Great pics and story.


  5. Ah, street art, my fav! Great shots for someone who was not granted pizza!


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