The Packard-Bentley “Mavis” is a vintage racing car built by VSCC member Chris Williams.It is powered by a 42 litre Packard V12 developing 1500 bhp (1100 kW). This engine is a Packard 4M 2500 from a World War 2 PT boat.

We saw the car debuted at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in July 2010, it was at CPOP again this year but due my sons GCSE we were unable to attend.

The car is based on a 1930 Bentley 8-litre chassis, although it is highly modified. The car also has 24 exhaust pipes, however it only has 12 cylinders, contrary to some rumours; this is because the engine is a twin-port design. The steering column is offset and angled to allow it to clear the huge engine block, and the fake torpedoes strapped to the side of the car are actually oil tanks.

With the matt-black paint and v-shaped grille, the large size of the car means it drew much attention at its first event. With the amount of torque produced by the engine (2000 lb ft, 2700 Nm), the rear tyres can be made to create large volumes of smoke upon launch, whilst the 24 exhaust stubs emit clouds of smoke and streamers of flame. Unsurprisingly, the car is a very popular spectator attraction, both static and whilst being driven.

CPOP is a fantastic event and well worth the visit, it’s on for 3 days and has everything a petrol head like me needs, and a classical concert and fireworks for the wife.

11 comments on “Packard-Bentley

  1. That car is all engine. Pretty cool


  2. Cool car and cool shot Mark.


  3. What a cool car Mark. That engine is huge. Would live to take it out for a spin.


  4. Quite the automobile!


  5. Excuse me Mark. This wife isn’t going to the concert. I can hear music anytime … but this .. this is a beast. Virginia


  6. Wow! What a great car! Nice shot!


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