Der Spiegel

Hi all, I’m finally back in London, after what was suppose to be a 10 day rig move ended up taking 27 days, still it could of been worse, it could of been in the North Sea.

So first things first, my beard, no sorry my publication, some of you may remember that I had 6 photo’s published in Greenland Today Magazine, a great mag and well worth checking out and subscribing to, Its run by 2 people who put out a fantastic mag every month. One of my photo’s was spotted by Der Spiegel (“The Mirror”) it’s a German weekly news magazine published in Hamburg. It is one of Europe’s largest publications of its kind, with a weekly circulation of more than one million.(quoted from Wikipedia), so Greenland Today Mag put Der Spiegel in touch with me and they asked for the photo, they paid there standard fee which was very nice.

I typed the caption into Google Translate and this is what i got.

Iceberg in tow

A special ship pulls into the iceberg of vin gronlandischen discounted books away in order to avoid the collision with a Olbohrplattform. From August to the solo Nordwestkuste the island again sought after oil.

Not sure its right but I think you get the idea.

PS I have also been contacted by another publisher who would like to use the same photo in a book and an exhibition, so watch this space.

18 comments on “Der Spiegel

  1. Congratulations! New doors opening, enjoy!


  2. Adam Allegro

    That’s awesome man, congrats!!! Enjoy that feeling! It is a pretty awesome image 🙂


  3. I think that’s fantastic, well done! You have some excellent photos and doing the work you do gives you amazing opportunities to capture things most people never see, it’s great that you’re making the most of it. I’m going to check out that Greenland mag…I’ve never been to Greenland but it’s a long-held ambition I’d love to fulfil one day.


  4. T.J. Powell

    Congrats. It is a cool photo.


  5. Congrats on the publication. That image certainly deserves the recognition.


  6. That’s fantastic Mark. Congratulations.


  7. I am not surprised such an eminent newspaper picked up this unusual photograph. You work is at once beautifully photographed and has outstanding and unusual content. I’m happy to be back reading your blog. Virginia.


  8. Congratulations Mark! Your photographs are beautiful so no surprise they are being picked up!


  9. That a very unusual and special visual record. Excellent!


    • Thanks Menhir1, yeah I used it for my blog header from day 1 and now its been published 2 going on 3 times, there must be something about it people like.


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