I’m Back

Well not back home but back on dry land i’m still in Tel Aviv,Israel. Flying home Monday,having a few days rest and then I’ll be back into it. It’s been a long job which seemed even longer not having access to the Internet, how do people live like that?
So some things that have happened! We got a puppy, I grew a beard, I slipped in the Sea of Galilee, I sold my first photo to a huge German magazine, I walked around Nazareth, I was overwhelmed in the Church of the Enunciation, I climbed to a top of a mountain, I hung from a crane above the sea (6 times), we broke a 83mm (447 ton)work wire and lost an anchor, I paddled in the River Jordan, we drilled a hole in the seabed, we found the lost anchor, I got sunburnt, we flew in a helicopter.
Just a small sample of what I got up to, once I sort myself out I’ll be blogging about this stuff, well not my beard, I’m sure you don’t want to hear about that. I’ll also be replying to all your emails and blog posts, so please bear with me as I have over 350 emails to sort through.

The picture below has nothing to do with Israel, in fact it was taken off the coast of Rotterdam, I just like it and haven’t seen clouds in a long while.


24 comments on “I’m Back

  1. What an eventful trip! Congratulations on selling your photo, that’s brilliant. I’m looking forward to your tales when you’re back and have trawled through that horrendous backlog of emails. Lovely photo, I remember sailing into Rotterdam with all those wind turbines dotted along the way in, I really enjoyed it.


  2. Welcome back…I missed your posts and I’m looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. One thing jumped out though…congratulations on selling an image…Wow.


  3. Rich McPeek

    Wow! You’ve been a busy guy! Terrific shot! Look forward to your upcoming posts!


  4. Welcome back Rigmover! we have missed your exciting deliberations from the other side of the world. Looking forward to reading your blogs!


  5. Laurie's Apron Strings

    Welcome back!! I was just thinking about you this morning and then you popped up on my blog!! Glad to see you again!!!


  6. Nice to hear from you. An eventful trip. Fantastic sky and seascape


  7. Such a full and exciting schedule! Congratulations on your photo’s publication, Mark!


  8. Congratulations on the sale of your photograph! Well deserved! This one is a beauty too!


  9. Rob Breure

    Nice blog Mark!
    I really enjoyed working with you and looking forward to your pictures of our ‘adventures’ last week!


  10. Ww, you sure have been a busy man. What awesome light. Congrats on your publication


  11. I can now rest easy Mark. Every few days I would journey to your blog. Nothing new. I was becoming apprehensive. Concerned. Yours is not a regular 9 to 5 job. I’m a happy camper this morning. Congrats on selling a photograph. Virginia


  12. Great photo, very dramatic, the sea looks like stone.


  13. Amazing shot. Welcome back!


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